Carnarvon Ball Club:
Softball Umpire Recruitment and Training Policy

1. Umpire Roster Size

  • Carnarvon Ball Club aims to maintain a roster of approximately 12-13 qualified softball umpires each season. The number of umpires may vary depending on the number of registered players and teams.

2. Umpire Selection Priority

  • Returning and Senior Umpires: Priority is given to returning and senior umpires. These umpires will be contacted first to assess their interest in continuing with the club.
  • Carnarvon Players: Subsequently, players from Carnarvon teams, starting with the oldest, will be offered the opportunity to train as umpires.
  • U13 Players: If roster spots remain, players from the U13 teams will be considered. Special consideration is given to players whose families actively volunteer with the club.

3. Umpire Training Fee

  • Club-Paid Training: The club will cover the umpire training fee for those selected for the official roster. In exchange, each umpire is obligated to officiate a minimum of 6 games during the season.
  • Self-Paid Training: Individuals who prefer to pay for their own training can contact the club to be added to the umpire list. However, priority will be given to senior umpires and those for whom the club has sponsored training.

4. Commitment and Conduct

  • All umpires, whether trained through club sponsorship or independently, are expected to uphold the highest standards of fairness, professionalism, and sportsmanship.

5. Application and Contact Information

  • Interested individuals or those seeking further information should contact
    for details on application procedures and training schedules.

Note: This policy is subject to change based on the evolving needs of the Carnarvon Ball Club and the availability of training resources. Regular updates will be provided to ensure transparency and fairness in the umpire selection process.