Club Volunteer Policy


Carnarvon Ball Club has two types of required volunteering: Club Duties and Team Duties: Club Duties and Team Duties.

Carnarvon Ball Club is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization. We want youth in our programs to develop their ball skills but most of all to have fun, be active, and make friends. Carnarvon is a large, vibrant, and highly successful ball club. But we need YOU to continue to make that happen; we need people with all kinds of skill sets and interests. When we do not have enough volunteers, our programs suffer and our families' experiences do too.

Club Duties support the operation of the Club as a whole and include duties such as Coaching, Managing, Coordinating, helping with Equipment, Facilities, Field Maintenance, helping with Opening or Closing Ceremonies etc. For Club Duties, each Carnarvon FAMILY has 2 options:

  1. Sign-up for a Club Duty and agree to pay $200 fee if your Club Duty is not completed or
  2. Purchase a $200 Club Duty Opt Out Fee at the Online Store.

Club Duty sign-up will open at registration and jobs will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. We have a variety of positions available but if you do not see something that suits your skills - please let us know. We will be happy to find a position that works for you! What if I am unable to Volunteer? Carnarvon Ball Club does understand that there are certain circumstances that lead to families not being able to volunteer. If you know that you will not be able to fulfill a volunteer position for the season, you will have the option to pay $200 WHEN YOU REGISTER and "Opt-Out" of your volunteer requirements. Only one "Volunteer Opt-Out Fee" is required per family. There are no exemptions from volunteering for any families, other than the Opt-Out process above.

Team Duties support your child's specific team(s) and include Scorekeeping, Field Prep/Field Marshall and Concession Duty (for home games only).  Purchasing the "Club Duty Opt Out Fee" does not release a family from completing "Team Duties".  You cannot opt-out of Team Duties.

If you have one player in Baseball and another player in Fastball, you can volunteer in either program. Only one Club Duty Volunteer Position is needed per family.

To find your Sign-Up Genius links for your Club Volunteer Job click on these links:


Fastball: Coming Soon.