U11 Fastball


Welcome to the U11 section of the Carnarvon Fastball website! Here, we're thrilled to offer our two unique Fastball programs for young players: U11 Community and U11 Rep. Each program is thoughtfully designed to cater to varying levels of experience and interest, ensuring a positive and enriching experience for every participant.

U11 Community: Emphasizing Development and Enjoyment

Our U11 Community program lies at the foundation of developmental Fastball. It's ideal for the majority of young players, focusing on the joys of playing, learning, and fostering a love for the game. This program concentrates on teaching the fundamentals of Fastball in a supportive and non-competitive environment. Utilizing a 'Softie' for gameplay, it's perfect for beginners or those aiming to improve their skills while enjoying the game.

Participants in the U11 Community program engage in team activities 2-3 days a week. These sessions are more than just skill development; they're about creating lasting friendships and enriching experiences. The program includes exciting trips to places like Salt Spring, Sooke, and Duncan, offering our young athletes a broader perspective and enjoyment of the sport.

U11 Rep: Elevating to Competitive Fastball

For those athletes who have progressed beyond the basics and are seeking a more challenging and competitive environment, we introduce the U11 Rep program. Established in April 2023, this program caters to players who have been actively involved in Fastball and are ready to elevate their game.

The U11 Rep program is a step up in terms of both commitment and competitiveness. It's designed for players who demonstrate dedication, advanced skills, and a deep passion for Fastball. This program moves beyond introductory elements, delving into the more complex aspects of the sport. Selection for U11 Rep is based on a tryout process, conducted by our experienced coaches who ensure each team member is prepared for this higher level of play. Adhering to the Carnarvon Board's guidelines, these tryouts ensure a fair and transparent process for team selection.

Commitment and Investment in Fastball Excellence

It's important to note that participation in the U11 Rep program comes with a higher commitment level and potentially a higher cost. This reflects the additional resources, coaching, and travel involved in providing a competitive and high-quality Fastball experience. We believe this investment in time and resources significantly contributes to the development and success of our players in the competitive realm of the sport.


The season runs from early April and until the end of June.

In U11, there are 1-2 regular season games per week. League games are usually on Saturdays from 11:00am-1:00pm or 1:00-3:00pm and Tuesday evenings from 6:00-8:00pm or 6:30-8:30pm.

Practice schedules vary from year to year and depend on field and coach preference, but in the past there have been 1-2 practices per week.

U11 teams often play in one-two weekend tournaments: including a district wide tournament near the end of June.

Age Requirements

In Spring 2024, U11 Fastball is for players born in 2013 and 2014.


Players will receive a team uniform shirt that they get to keep at the end of the season (there is no uniform deposit). Please ensure that they wear it to each game. Players are required to wear black ball pants.


Required equipment:

  • batting helmet with a strap and cage
  • glove
  • cleats (recommended, but not mandatory, baseball or soccer cleats are fine)
  • infield face guards for pitchers (recommended for all players, especially new players)
  • ball pants

Choosing Your Fastball Journey

Whether your child is at the beginning of their Fastball journey or ready to challenge themselves in a competitive environment, Carnarvon Fastball has a fitting program. The U11 Community offers a nurturing ground for learning and fun, while the U11 Rep program presents an opportunity for those ready to commit to the competitive spirit of Fastball.

Join us in fostering a love for Fastball, honing skills, and building a community of young athletes who value sportsmanship, teamwork, and personal growth. We are excited to see your child grow and excel on the field!